Baseball Player Evaluations & Draft Process

This page contains information on our process for Baseball Player Evaluations and League Draft.

Player Evaluations

**Player Evaluations will be held on Saturday February 3rd @ Woodinville Sports Fields**

You should receive an e-mail with a specific time slot for your player evaluation.  If you do not receive an e-mail, please contact us at

Players must provide their own baseball glove and should come dressed in athletic clothes and in accordance with the weather.

  • Player evaluations are required for all baseball players Little League age 8 through Little League age 12 (AAA thru Majors).  Little League age can be determined from the Little League age chart on this site.
  • The evaluations enable us to place players in a division where they will have the most chance of success and have fun, and also help us to form more evenly balanced teams.
  • The actual evaluation will take roughly 20 minutes for each player, but duration from start to finish will vary depending on how many kids show up at the same time.
  • You will NOT be turned away if you arrive before or after the assigned time.
  • Players should bring their gloves and, optionally, bats or batting helmets. Players should be dressed appropriately for the weather and boys should wear a cup. Players do not need to wear baseball pants, cleats, etc. (Cleats are not recommended, because the fields used for evaluations are artificial turf.)
  • If you didn't pay the registration fee when you registered, please do so now. You can pay online or send a check.

Note for 8-year-old players: 8 Year old evaluations will have their own date and time.   In order to have a full number of players on each team, there is typically room for a few 8-year-olds to play in AAA. This is based on space first and then ability. Eight year olds who want to be considered to play in AAA must attend player evaluations. Note that players who played up in AA last year (as then-7-year-olds) will not be automatically moved into AAA.

Note for players 13 and older:   This age group will not have an evaluation day.  Your divisions will practice together for a period of time prior to managers drafting teams. You will be contacted by your program VP concerning practice times.

Why do we have Player Evaluations?  To ensure players are placed at the appropriate level.  Occasionally we have parents request a level of play for their son or daughter.  Although we understand the many different reasons for the request, we encourage parents to trust this process and the value of skill evaluation.  Over the years what we have discovered is in using the evaluation data for placement, the player benefits, has higher success and better overall experience.

This year we will have 2 Player evaluations for baseball. Our first evaluation will be for all 9-12 year olds and will be held in early February.  The focus of this tryout is to understand which players have the ability to play in Majors (for 11’s and 12’s only), Minors (9’s/10’s/11’s only).  The second evaluation will be for all 8’s and will be held in late February/early March.  The focus for the 8’s player evaluation is understanding skill level and ability for the AA/AAA level to ensure we put together balanced teams.

For more details on our evaluation process click HERE

Draft Process

The Woodinville LL Draft is intended to create balanced/equal teams. The draft is moderated and presided over by the President, VP & Player Agent (or a Board officer in their place, as directed by the President). Draft rules are in accordance with the Little League Operating Manual, Plan B (Re-Draft -- a one part draft: managers can select a returner or a new player but all returners must be drafted).

For details on the draft process please click HERE