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2023 All Star Managers

By michaelregan | May 18, 2023 | Comments Off on 2023 All Star Managers

Based on our board’s approvals, the WLL Coaching Committee has selected our Managerial slate for the 2023 All-Star campaign. All the candidates have been offered their positions, and all have been accepted. We are proud to officially announce our 2023 All-Star Managers! Softball 10U – Adam Garrett Softball 11U – Drew Ebner Softball 12U –…

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2023 WLL All-Star campaign

By michaelregan | May 1, 2023 | Comments Off on 2023 WLL All-Star campaign

Coaches! It’s an exciting time of year, as we are now working towards our 2023 WLL All-Star campaign. This year, we plan to field 6 teams- 10U/11U/12U on each the baseball and softball sides. (We are working on our teen offerings, as well.) That means we will need at least 18 of our finest to…

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2023 Baseball Approach: Divisions

By michaelregan | Feb 1, 2023 |

“Our board has been hard at work! In an effort to improve safety, level out the competition, and encourage the proper developmental path for all of our baseball athletes, we’re excited to announce that we’ve added a new division of play that starts this Spring, the Coast Division! Once players reach league age 9, they…

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