Return to Play & Covid-19

Current COVID-19 Guidance and Restrictions

Update 6/30:  Starting June 30, the State of Washington is removing most COVID-19 restrictions. This means that most businesses and organizations may choose to operate as they did before the COVID-19 pandemic with no capacity limits or physical distancing requirements. Any organization or business may also choose to maintain capacity limits or physical distancing to protect those who are not fully protected by vaccines.

Update 4/14:  Gov. Jay Inslee announced on 3/11 that Healthy Washington: Roadmap to Recovery would be transitioning from a regional approach to a county-by-county evaluation process. The governor also announced a new third phase of the Roadmap and a return for in-person spectators for professional and high school sports.

Effective March 22, the entire state entered Phase 3.  As of 4/16, 3 counties (Cowlitz, Pierce, and Whitman) are returning to Phase 2.  King County will remain in Phase 3 at this time and all counties will be reviewed again on May 3.

Find detailed requirements by business and activity type on the governor's Healthy Washington site.

Sports guidance will change in Phase 3 to allow in-person spectators at events for the first time in a year. Spectators will be allowed to attend outdoor venues with permanent seating with capacity capped at 25%. The change affects both professional and high school sports, as well as motorsports, rodeos, and other outdoor spectator events. Social distancing and facial covering are still required.

We will continue to provide updates as we receive them.


The COVID-19 pandemic has been incredibly disruptive to all aspects of life in our community. WLL aspires to navigate a safe return to our activities and events to help our young players maintain a safe environment for their physical, psychologic, and social health, and assist the community in developing a safe return to activities in these challenging times.