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All-Stars Expectations

These are the general expectations for All-Stars

  • 100% attendance to all activities (practice, team events, tournaments) is expected
  • Commitments to other sports/teams are secondary to All-Stars (All-Stars team always holds priority over other teams)
  • There will be practices/events/tournaments 6-7 days per week.  Practices happen after school and typically last 3-4 hours between Cage
  • Time and Field Practice
  • Teams may participate in tournaments leading up to the District Tournament - there may be an out of town tournament that will require a hotel stay
  • Practice will start June 1st and will work around the softball TOC
  • The All-Stars season length is variable, depending on the age of the team and depending on how far the team advances. 

All-Stars Selection Process

All–Star Selection Process - 2019 Season

The All-Star Season is a separate season from the regular season. It is an opportunity for a higher level of play and competition within the regional Little League system. Players selected have a significant commitment to the All-Star team & will receive a more intense level tournaments for some age groups.

It is the intent of the Woodinville Little League Board to field teams that will best represent our League in competition and character. All selection decisions regarding All-Star teams are made with Board and District approved requirements for All Stars and in compliance with Little League International rules and regulations.  Several characteristics permeate our selection process for Players and Managers for the All-Stars team:

- Skill-level and ability to compete

- Attitude, hustle, team spirit, team leadership, and

- Overall character, integrity, and sportsmanship.

Woodinville Little League sponsors the All-Star teams for the D-8 tournament. This sponsorship includes team equipment, softballs, hats/visors, uniform jerseys, practice fields and D-8 All-Star tournament fees. Parents and players are expected to pay $100 to the league upon player selection. Parents/Guardians are responsible for any additional All-Star team expenses incurred which are not covered by the $100 fee. Cost is not to be a preventative factor in participating, therefore, in qualifying cases, scholarship assistance may be available to some families.

If your son or daughter is interested in being considered for one of the teams, please sign the form and return it to your manager by May 1st, 2019. On the form your child may indicate which level(s) he/she is interested in being considered for. Tryouts, if necessary, will be held no earlier than June 1st (*or date as prescribed by LL Int. rules depending on tournament date start) and your player must attend to be considered for the All-Star selection process.

2019 All-Stars Rules & Selection Process

I. Selection Process Overview

II.  Manager Selection
a) Eligibility
b) Evaluation Process

III.  Player Selection
a) Eligibility
b)  Evaluation Process

IV.  Selection Committee

V.  Announcements and Fees

I.             Selection Process

This All-Star Selection Process applies to all Woodinville Little League (WLL) teams- including all WLL governed combined and Interleague teams- that participate in the International Tournament as defined by Little League International.

1)    Managers and coaches turn in a written request to be considered for Manager of an All-Star team

2)    Players turn in signed commitment forms

3)    All Star Manager selection

4)    Player demonstration of skills (also referred to as “tryouts” or “WLL league All Star game”) if necessary.

5)    Teams are formed by selection committee

6)    Teams are announced

II.      Managers

The All-Star Manager and Coaches selected are ambassadors of WLL. They must conduct themselves in an exemplary fashion both on and off the field at all times.

a)    Manager Eligibility

1)    The All-Star Manager and Coaches must have managed or coached a WLL team during the current year and within the level they are asking to manager

2)    The All-Star Manager and Coaches must have attended Dr. Smoll’s clinic within the last 5 years, per District 8 LL Rules. Managers and coaches may also satisfy this requirement by completing the Positive Coaching Alliance online certification within the current year.

3)   All interested managers and coaches must have notified WLL of their interest to manage by May 7, 2019.

b)    Manager Selection Committee

a)    The Manager Selection Committee will include the President, appropriate VP, Player Agent and Umpire in Chief.  All candidates will already be approved by the President, Vice President, Umpire in Chief and Player Agents.

b)    The President, appropriate VP, Player Agent and Umpire–In-Chief may interview each All-Star Manager candidate in person, by phone or via email communication. Note: if in any year scheduling conflicts arise, the VP and President would conduct the interviews and report the results to the remaining members of the committee in a timely manner.

c)     After the interview process and discussion, the Selection Committee will recommend an All-Star Manager for the 9/10, 10/11 and 11/12 All Star teams.

d)    The President will determine the All-Star Manager no later than May 10th for each team and will bring the selection to the WLL Board of Directors for approval.

III. Player Selection

  WLL will distribute All-Star commitment forms to all players league ages 9 -12 via email and make the form available website. If a player is interested in being an All-Star candidate, he/she must sign the commitment form and return it to their manager or the appropriate Player Agent by the date indicated on the current year Commitment Form.

a)    Player Eligibility

1.     Any player league age  9 – 12 (per LL international rules for Baseball and Softball) may be considered for the All Star selection process.

2.     Player must be rostered on a WLL regular season team and have played in at least 60% of the games played by that team during the regular season

3.     Player must sign the WLL All-Star Player Commitment form and return it to their manager or the appropriate Player Agent by the date indicated on the current year Commitment Form to be eligible for All Star league game, tryouts and/or selection process.

4.     The player and parents must agree to not schedule vacation or other activities that will interfere with the player’s ability to attend ALL practices and ALL games during the All Star period (this may include weekend practices and games).

5.     The player and parents must provide a birth certificate and other residency documentation as required by Little League International and District 8. Failure to provide documentation in a timely manner is grounds for dismissal from the team.

Players who are injured at the time that the commitment forms are due are eligible for consideration if a parent or physician indicates that they will be healthy enough to practice and play by practice start date and have met all other eligibility requirements.

b)    Player Evaluation

Per Little League rule: try-outs or practices by tournament teams shall not be held before June 1st.

Evaluation Process

a)    The Player Agent(s) will compile the list of eligible players who turned in Commitment forms. These players will be invited to the All-Star evaluation process. 

b)    All Star candidates who have been nominated/ eligible will receive notification of try out date, if necessary,  that is prescribed no earlier than the date set by Little League International in accordance with the rules.

c)     All Star announcements will be made no later than 24 hours after this date. Players selected for All Stars will be then asked to attend the WLL awards ceremony and practices may begin immediately.

IV. Executive Selection Committee

The Player Agent(s) will conduct a selection meeting for each tournament team. The selection committee shall consist of: All-Star Manager, President, appropriate Vice President, Umpire-in-Chief, Player Agents, and all regular season managers who evaluated players. If a manager is unable to attend, they may send one of their team’s coaches instead.

The meeting will be as follows:

1)    The selection committee will review the player evaluation forms provided by the regular season managers and the results from tryouts if required.  Managers from each division will provide input on players’ performance throughout the regular season including statistics and positions played.

2)    All regular season managers vote in their respective levels for 10 players not from their own teams and not their own child.  This vote will specifically aggregate the stack-ranking of the regular season manager’s tally. The top 9 are on the team. The All-Star manager seeds the remaining players that the selection committee did not place as he/she deems – the last 3 players on the roster.

3)    Players younger than the base age for each division (base age is defined as: Majors = 12, 10/11 = 11, 9/10 = 10) may be selected to play on the All-Star team if they are truly deemed by the selection committee to be better than base age alternatives. These players should be considered by the selection committee to be one of the best overall players in the selection pool and will be a primary player on the team. If these conditions cannot be met, then a base age player should be selected.

4)    Discussion by the entire selection committee of remaining players.

5)    After discussion of the remaining players in (d) the All-Star Manager will select the remaining players for the team.

Ballots, manager player evaluations and manager vote tabulations will be retained by the President and will be strictly confidential. Only the final selections will be published.  Every effort will be made to contact all All-Star participants within 24 hours of the selection regarding who made the team as well as those that competed well but did not make the final selection.

V.  Team Announcements & Fees

A. The WLL Board will designate a time to announce the All-Star Teams in conjunction with a date specified by Little League Int’l.  All-Star Managers, coaches and players for each All-Star Team will be specially designated at the WLL Awards Ceremony and listed on the WLL website. All Stars are expected to pay $100 to the league upon player selection. Parents/Guardians are responsible for any additional All-Star team expenses incurred which are not covered by the $100 fee.  WLL will strive to provide scholarship assistance pending President Approval of scholarship requests.   Note, the guidance for additional expenses families may incur could be between $250 and $400.  However, this is guidance only.

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