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Softball Player Eval Groups

The Woodinville Little League Player Evaluations for softball players League Age 9-12 is set for Saturday, February 1st at the Woodinville Sports Fields in downtown Woodinville.  Reviews will be held rain or shine.

All players league age 9-12 are expected to attend the player evaluations. Player evaluations help our league and coaches place players at the playing level most appropriate for their skill level. This ensures a fun and appropriate level of play. The reviews are also used to create even skill level teams for the majors and minors teams. Without your daughter's attendance we are unable to complete this process.  Your daughter's Little League age is her age as of January 1st.  The league age calendar can be found here.

We will hold the review in two different groups:-

Group 1 All players league age 12 and 11 (birth year 2007 & 2008)

Check in/Warm up 9-9:15 AM

Organized Player Review 9:15-11:00

Group 2 All players league age 10 & 9 (birth year 2009 & 2010)

Check in/Warm Up 10:00- 10:10:15

Organized Player Review 1015-12:00pm

What to expect during player evaluations

1.      Batting - During batting the players will be split into small groups.  1 group will face live pitching while the other groups will either hit off of a tee or soft toss into screens.  The groups will rotate so all players will face live pitching. 

2.      Infield/Outfield - The players will be split into groups and rotate between stations in the infield and outfield.  The groups will work together in an infield outfield drill as directed by the evaluation coaches

3.      Pitching & Catching - Players interested in pitching or catching will then move to a pitching station to finish the evaluation


What to bring for Player Review

• Softball glove

• Batting gloves (optional)

• Bat and helmet.    (If you don't have your own, bats and helmets will be available for use)

• Warm clothes - Dress for the elements.  The entire Review is held outside.  Softball pants and cleats are optional


We understand that player reviews can be nerve-wracking for these young players.  We will make every effort to make the process fun and feel more like a practice then a "tryout".  Please help your players remember that  the reviews are used to aid our coaches in selecting teams to make teams even and put players at their appropriate level.  Everyone will make a team.  

If your player is unable to make the player review, please let Carlie Fitzpatrick know as soon as possible.  


Carlie Fitzpatrick

Vice President, Softball WLL

[email protected]


Wayne Smith

Coaching coordinator, softball

[email protected]


Terri Kashi

Player agent, softball

[email protected]

Softball Evaluations


Players must provide their own softball glove and should come dressed in athletic clothes and in accordance with the weather.

  • Player evaluations are required for all softball players Little League age 9 through Little League age 12 .  Little League age can be determined from the Little League age chart on this page.
  • The evaluations enable us to place players in a division where they will have the most chance of success and have fun, and also help us to form more evenly balanced teams.
  • 11 and 12 year olds (Players eligible for Majors) will be evaluated together and will take approximately 1 hour.  9 and 10 year olds (Players eligible for Minors) will be evaluated together and will take approximately 1 hour. 
  • Players should bring their gloves and, optionally, bats or batting helmets. Helmets and bats will be available for players that don't have their own.   Players should be dressed appropriately for the weather. Softball cleats and pants are optional.  
  • If you didn't pay the registration fee when you registered, please do so now. You can pay online or send a check.

Tell Me More About Player Evaluations

  • Why do we have them?  To ensure players are placed at the appropriate level.   Occasionally we have parents request a level of play for their son or daughter.  Although we understand the many different reasons for the request, we encourage parents to trust this process and the value of skill evaluation.  Over the years what we have discovered is in using the evaluation data for placement, the player benefits, has higher success and better overall experience.   

  • The focus of this tryout is understand which players have ability to play in Majors (for 11’s and 12’s only), Minors (9’s/10’s/11’s only).   

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